Terms Of Service

Age Policy:If you are 18+, you can legally work with me. I may ask for proof that you are 18+ if I need to. This is not against the commissioner. If we ask for evidence, it is just to keep me and you safe.I will never directly contact any minors to commission a suit; instead, if you are a minor, you need to get your LEGAL GUARDIAN involved with us. I do require proof from parents/legal guardians that they are, in fact, aware of the commission taking place by their child and our company.Proof can be provided in multiple ways; I accept parent/legal guardian ID with everything marked out beside the name and age placed next to the ID holder's face. They need to be in the same picture and not two separate photos.Concerning Reference Images:The commissioner is responsible for providing a valid reference sheet of their character; this gives me an accurate image of your character.I will not accept shaded references. You may show me, but please attach a flat version for the best possible outcome when colours are chosen, and designs are made.If you do not have a reference sheet, I offer services to convert your sona into a suit-appropriate design. I will only accept up to three images, as things can start getting muddled and missed.There are plenty of free templates online that you can colour in case you cannot get art on top of the suit.Giving me accurate and cohesive information can ensure your form is accepted.Payment:I work in CAD Currency.I work through Paypal, Square or E-transfer. E-transfers will always get a priority slot because I will not lose any money to fees.30% of your commission price is a non-refundable materials fee; if you decide to cancel your commission, you forfeit this percent of your payment to cover the cost of materials/shipping put into your commission.If the furs have yet to be used, I will mail them to you as long as you pay for shipping.Before any commissions are started, 30% of the agreed-upon price must be paid.Payment plans can be discussed, but the entire amount must be paid within five months, and your commission will only be mailed once this amount is paid in full.Your commission will be started once half is paid and I've received all materials.Once all materials are received, and the suit has been started, I give myself a maximum of 3 months to finish once full payment is received.I always strive to complete in a timely manner while keeping quality; if anything comes up, I will always let you know.Suit Work/Edits:I send WIPS as often as I can. Big wip's are sent at the ready to fur stage for bases, base taped up to confirm markings and the final product. If you agree to how the base/fur turns out and I proceed, you cannot make changes. I send WIPS for a reason; please tell me of any changes needed as soon as you receive those updatesIf I have spent time furring a base and it is over 75% finished, and you, unfortunately, want a change in base shape [for example, a different size muzzle or other considerable alteration like different fur to be used], a $100+ charge will be added for your commission to recoup me for my time already spent while we discuss things further.I keep contact as frequently as possible and have a telegram channel where I post all my wip's so that it's easier for you to keep track.If you wish to keep your suit a secret, meaning I can only post wip's once completion/you have received them, additional cost may be added because this takes off the chance of exposure during the process.Refunds:There are no refunds if you decide you no longer want your commissioned piece once it is nearing completion. It will be completed and sent to you, and you will be free to resell it at your discretion.If you cancel the order, you will be refunded your purchase price less the 30% materials fee, at which point I hold the rights to your items and can resell them at my discretion, altering them to no longer resemble your design.Refunds will be distributed for specific situations. Examples of some cases are as follows. If we cannot complete your commission, or if something comes up, you will be refunded. If something comes up with you, and you need to cancel the commission, you will be refunded except for any non-refundable deposits you have made to us.I give updates when asked. If you are concerned with how your item is turning out, please let me know, as I cannot fix issues if I do not know about them.Be conscientious with how many updates you ask for.Shipping:I can ship worldwide based on what is allowed for every country.Buyer pays all shipping costs; shipping costs are calculated once everything is all boxed up.Shipping costs can vary depending on the weight/size of the suit.If you are still waiting to receive your item once it has been mailed, I encourage you to contact your shipping provider and open a lost item case. Once your suit leaves my hand, I am unfortunately no longer responsible for it as I have no control.The customer is responsible for all Fee's, Taxes and Imports that you receive once package is at your door.Warranty:Cackling Hyena provides a warranty that protects your suit if something happens to it within the warranty time limit. Our warranty time limit is 30 days after the item is delivered. The warranty covers shipping back to me if you are located in Canada, massive or minor repairs. This does not include wear and tear, or rough use. I will always offer small, free repairs at conventions that I will be attending. Extensive repairs that take time will have a small fee.Fursuits are unique hand-crafted items that can not be entirely replaced or replicated; however, if something happens to your suit within 30 days that ruins the suit entirely, that is not my fault; I will provide you with a discount to help you replace the suit that was affected.If something happens to your suit out of the 30-day warranty, you will have to pay for the shipping back to us, regardless if you are in Canada, and pay for any materials we may need to repair it with.If you cancel a commission with no good reason, you will no longer be able to commission a suit from me again.